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Goodnight (finally)

It is said that sexing chicks is the toughest poultry-related job that there is. Never having done it myself, I can’t contest that – but putting four reluctant chickens to bed must run it a close second.  The problem is, … Continue reading

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Egg #2

We have a second egg – identical to the first one, and this time it was definitely Pearl’s, so it’s highly likely that Thursday’s was hers too. So the current rate is one every 48 hours, but we’re threatened with … Continue reading

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I don’t normally have cooked breakfasts unless I’m staying in a hotel at someone else’s expense, but this morning I treated myself to two rashers of bacon and last night’s egg. What it lacked in substance when fried, it more … Continue reading

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We have our first egg!

As you can see, it’s quite small, and there’s no way of knowing (short of some kind of poultry DNA test) who produced it because we didn’t catch her in action – though Pearl and Vi seem like the most … Continue reading

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What happens when you…

…throw a single slice of melon into a pen containing four chickens?  We saw them giving us the answer yesterday evening, laughed a lot, and asked them to put on a repeat performance in better light today.

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The Great Escape #2

“Oh my God, what’s that?” I quickly scanned the garden, alighting on the swing, on which my son was doing his level best to strangle himself but still seemed hale and hearty. “No, not him – on top of the … Continue reading

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Feathered friends

Along with these two pigeons, we’ve had magpies and a seagull popping in to say hello to their new feathered friends in the chicken pen. Or at least that’s what I’d write if I was the kind of numpty who … Continue reading

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The Great Escape #1

The chickens are pretty blasé about adults approaching them, but they queue up expectantly whenever they spot what they probably refer to as “red-haired food girl”, because her arrival usually coincides with them getting some kind of treat (usually a … Continue reading

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Trespassers will be pecked

The chickens are fighting over a slug.  That’s nature red in tooth and claw for you.  Or possibly beak and claw in this case. But it’s hard to get too emotional about the situation, as it was the slug’s fault … Continue reading

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Chickens and birds

Me: Are you going out to feed the birds? Daughter (seven): No, the chickens. Me: Chickens are birds. Daughter: (derisively) No they’re not! Me: So why aren’t they birds? They have feathers and beaks. Daughter: They can’t fly. Me: Penguins … Continue reading

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