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Chickens and birds

Me: Are you going out to feed the birds? Daughter (seven): No, the chickens. Me: Chickens are birds. Daughter: (derisively) No they’re not! Me: So why aren’t they birds? They have feathers and beaks. Daughter: They can’t fly. Me: Penguins … Continue reading

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Ida and Queenie

This snuggly double portrait was unimaginable as recently as Thursday, when the bigger chickens were still taking turns to persecute little Ida (left), at least when they weren’t doing it collectively as a trio. But Ida has since realised that … Continue reading

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Great Chicken Scenes #1: ‘El Bruto’ (1952)

Given that I work as a film critic for my day job, I naturally can’t resist celebrating some of the great chicken scenes that have graced the silver screen over the last century and a bit, so this will be … Continue reading

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