Pearl versus the pros

While Pearl may be the biggest and brawniest of our chickens, ruthlessly laying down the law with a beak of iron, she’s still only a mere beginner when it comes to egg-laying, as is graphically laid bare when two of her eggs are compared with shop-bought ones produced by highly trained professionals.

Pearl's eggs surrounded by shop-bought ones in the fridge

Still, it’s a start, and considering that it was less than a week ago that she produced her first one, she’s not doing too badly.

Incidentally, after discovering that WordPress has a plugin that will generate graphs automatically, I’ve started a permanent egg production page, which will be updated every time I find more data sources in one of the nesting bays.  Pearl and Queenie’s eggs will probably be indistinguishable (they’re the same breed), but Vi and Ida’s should look distinctive enough to be able to be plotted separately, at least when they get around to producing any.

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2 Responses to Pearl versus the pros

  1. Jane says:

    Is the second one as dark as it appears on my screen? Different from the others?

  2. Michael says:

    Trick of the light: they look identical side by side. Similarly, the three eggs at the back are also pretty much identical. I suspect I was casting a shadow on the right-hand side when taking the picture.

    This isn’t an extra egg, by the way – it’s the one you found yesterday, next to the one laid on Sunday.

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