Psychic chickens!

During the 2010 World Cup, a British-born, German-based octopus named Paul made the headlines for his unerringly accurate forecasts of the results of key football matches.

Sadly, Paul passed away shortly afterwards, exhausted by all that psychic energy, but this leaves an obvious opening for other creatures to display similarly astonishing predictive feats.

So this morning, following an inspired Facebook suggestion by Damian Counsell, I placed the same amount of corn onto identical plates marked with the initials of today’s Wimbledon men’s singles finalists Roger Federer and Andy Murray, placed them at either side of the ramp leading up to the hen house (by the time I did this, I had no idea which plate was which any more), and opened the door…

As you can see, despite Queenie gamely sticking up for her fellow underdog, the result could hardly have been more conclusive.  We’ll know the truth in a few hours’ time.

UPDATE: And the psychic chickens got it right!  Woohoo!  Not only that, they even suggested a surge from Murray that ultimately came to nothing.

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2 Responses to Psychic chickens!

  1. Could this mean that after a very positive start, RF will run out of oomph before the end leaving AM to keep going?

  2. Michael says:

    Exactly the other way round. Both in terms of their prediction and the reality.

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