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Make that 300%

Following this morning’s two eggs, this evening brought two more – so today’s total is two medium brown, one pale brown and slightly speckly, and one closer to white. This was wholly unexpected, because Ida isn’t technically ready yet (she’s … Continue reading

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Next, the electrified razor wire

Well, this should put a lid on any further escape attempts.  Quite literally. Actually, the main function of this blue tarpaulin serving as a makeshift roof is to keep the pen dry(ish) and stop the feed in the feeders from … Continue reading

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What happens when you…

…throw a single slice of melon into a pen containing four chickens?  We saw them giving us the answer yesterday evening, laughed a lot, and asked them to put on a repeat performance in better light today.

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Ida and Queenie

This snuggly double portrait was unimaginable as recently as Thursday, when the bigger chickens were still taking turns to persecute little Ida (left), at least when they weren’t doing it collectively as a trio. But Ida has since realised that … Continue reading

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The naughty step

Pearl (bottom left) is on the poultry equivalent of the naughty step (actually a sub-pen made from chicken wire and bricks) in an attempt to stop her bullying poor Ida (top right), who’s seizing the opportunity to have a drink. … Continue reading

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The pecking order

We woke up to a vivid illustration of where the phrase “the pecking order” originally came from, which was reinforced throughout the day. Pearl, the biggest and meanest, is firmly at the top, then Vi, Queenie and finally poor little … Continue reading

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They’re here!

…and here’s a truly terrible iPhone photo to mark the occasion: Clockwise from top left they’re Vi, Ida, Pearl and Queenie, transported in two cardboard boxes by car from a farm somewhere between Chichester and Havant, and there was a … Continue reading

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