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Colour coding (corrected)

OK, so yesterday’s supposedly educated guesswork actually turned out to be far less accurate than our rather more blatant guesswork from before.  And I hold my own hands up to this, since my wife Jane stuck to the previous guesswork … Continue reading

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Colour coding

After Monday’s blatant guesswork, the chickens’ egg production over Tuesday and Wednesday has enabled us to draw some hopefully firmer conclusions about who’s laying what.  [UPDATE: Much of this turned out to be wildly inaccurate – see the corrected version … Continue reading

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Unexpected water feature

OK, perhaps we should have seen this one coming. Last night we installed a protective tarpaulin over the pen, and left it looking reasonably taut, but this morning we discovered that an overnight downpour had created something closer to an … Continue reading

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What happens when you…

…throw a single slice of melon into a pen containing four chickens?  We saw them giving us the answer yesterday evening, laughed a lot, and asked them to put on a repeat performance in better light today.

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Ida and Queenie

This snuggly double portrait was unimaginable as recently as Thursday, when the bigger chickens were still taking turns to persecute little Ida (left), at least when they weren’t doing it collectively as a trio. But Ida has since realised that … Continue reading

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Wakey wakey

For the fourth successive day (possibly the fifth, but we didn’t think to look on their first morning here), all four chickens emerged first thing in strict pecking order – first Pearl and Vi, then a pause, then Queenie, and … Continue reading

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Shake those tailfeathers!

(aka Pearl and Queenie caught in a high wind)

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They’re here!

…and here’s a truly terrible iPhone photo to mark the occasion: Clockwise from top left they’re Vi, Ida, Pearl and Queenie, transported in two cardboard boxes by car from a farm somewhere between Chichester and Havant, and there was a … Continue reading

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