Our chickens


Pearl. A Sussex Star (Rhode Island Red X Light Sussex). The biggest and meanest of the quartet, and doesn’t she know it. Firmly top of the pecking order since her arrival.


Vi. A Blubelle (Maran X Rhode Island Red). The flightiest and most excitable of the four, and most likely to disappear up the ramp into the chicken house when I come anywhere near. Second in the pecking order, if only because Pearl doesn’t seem to have much sway over her.


Queenie. A Colombian Blacktail (Rhode Island Red X Light Sussex). Seemingly third in the pecking order. Often seen following Pearl around in a servile way.

Ida Jubilee

Ida Jubilee. A Chalk Hill Blue (100% blue laying hybrid based on the Legbar), which means that she’ll produce blue eggs when she gets round to it – though when that happy day will dawn is anyone’s guess as she’s firmly bottom of the pecking order. In fact, this picture was taken in the chicken house after she refused to come out – though she perked up enormously within 72 hours of arrival and ranks with Vi as having the liveliest personality.

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  1. LQ says:

    Adorable ladies!! A friend of mine is starting her own little coop and has one glorious bird so far, “Zooey”, who has obsidian-colored feathers fanning down around her feet. Looks like she’s sporting spats. I’ll turn my friend on to this blog (and continue to follow it myself!). Looking forward to the obligatory post on the end of STROSZEK.

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